About Us

Life and Soles was at first an idea of Anthony Oropeza (AKA Cheeks), a 13 year old from Staten Island,NY with a vision to provide his friends with a way to add personality to the plain sneaker.

A conversation between father and son before the Launch of Life and Soles!

This all started with the idea of a 13 year old trying to find an easy way to make his days more productive while doing something he loved. His son came to his father before school became in session. He told him "I want to do something, like sell stuff to my friends and let me be their plug to whichever item it is". His father, seeing his enthusiasm to start his own business, intrigued him into wanting to help his son. He told his son ,"why don't we do something that has to do with sneakers since I can obviously see all the cash that is coming out of my pockets for your Nike's". Just by the look on his face he noticed a look of great ideas coming into his mind. The next day he told his father that he wanted to start selling custom shoelaces that would fit people's own unique style. They then took it from there, looking for a name for their company for weeks, which had then concluded to "Life and Soles". Together, the father and his son will continue to grow because of the blessed idea that had come into his mind along with all of the support they have received from family, friends and those spreading the word.

This father and son company is looking forward to providing excellent customer service to add value to your sneaker passion.

We appreciate all of your support!!