Before you purchase our laces, please learn how to measure your laces:The best way to find the length of your shoelace is to look at them while they are tied. Ask yourself "Do they look just right as is? Do they look a bit long or a bit short?" Then remove the shoelace from your sneaker and measure them from one tip to the other. This should be the measurement of your new Life & Soles Laces - keep in mind to either add or subtract depending on your preference .  Below you will find a chart that can also assist you in choosing the correct size. Count the pair of eyelets on your current sneaker and match your size on our chart.  For example, if your sneaker has 7 pairs of eyelets, based on the chart below I would chose size 50 .
Eyelets Definition : Eyelet is the circular piece that laces are thread through. Eyelets can be made of metal or plastic, and are used to cover the edges of holes .
Our shoelaces are custom cut to fit most sneakers just right!
The chart is intended to be a "Guide only".